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The SophosLabs 2019 Threat Report Teaser
Fabio Suffell | 04-12-18

The SophosLabs 2019 Threat Report

The SophosLabs 2019 Threat Report has a few suggestions for you to take away and apply to your devices and networks.

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Music on Hold Teaser
Fabio Suffell | 27-11-18

Music on Hold

From today our 3cx phone system will have all new on hold messages. Our friends and partners at GoGo Media have replaced our out dated messages with new ones that are relevant to our current business. 

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PBX Hacking Teaser
Guy Steward | 22-11-18

PBX Hacking

IntroductionWith the NBN rollout well underway in Australia and the decommissioning of ISDN and copper lines, the required transition of changing existing phone systems over to SIP, or VOIP as it is commonly known, is becoming the norm. These new SIP phone systems are great, as they offer much c...

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The day the phones fell silent Teaser
Fabio Suffell | 14-11-18

The day the phones fell silent

One Wednesday morning not too long ago, one of our customers PBX phone system stopped working. That's right the NBN had disconnected the PSTN lines from their business. Despite being advised numerous times by ourselves, they thought that their big telco would give them one last phone call, befor...

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Darknet Diaries Teaser
Fabio Suffell | 12-11-18

Darknet Diaries

On my morning walk this morning, I listened to episode two of Darknet Diaries.  It was a story on how Vtech, a company that makes children's toys and tablets, had very poor IT security and were subsequently hacked. Millions of names and addresses of parents and their children were taken.  

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The end of Pay, Wait and Hope Teaser
Fabio Suffell | 24-10-18

The end of Pay, Wait and Hope

PayID is the new payment platform that will soon be coming to your bank. Instead of paying to a BSB and Account Number you will be able to set up an email address, phone number or ABN as your reference.

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99% will get this wrong  Teaser
Cassandra Ball | 10-10-18

99% will get this wrong

Do you know the difference between BCP, DRP, RTO & RPO?

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5 reasons to upgrade your business server  Teaser
Cassandra Ball | 08-10-18

5 reasons to upgrade your business server

Outdated IT equipment can have severe effects on your business. It can leave you open to security risks, data corruption, productivity loss and poor professional image. 

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