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All healthcare providers in Australia have professional and legal obligations to protect their patients' health information.

Establishing and maintaining information security practices is an essential professional and legal requirement when using digital health systems in the delivery of healthcare services. 

The RACGP website states:
Information security is critical to the provision of safe, high-quality healthcare and the efficient running of a general practice. It is a fixed cost of doing business, and requires adequate allocation of financial and human resources to ensure business continuity and the protection of information assets.
Information security involves prevention of inappropriate access, protection of personal information and preservation of practice data.
Patient or practice team data that is lost, stolen, inappropriately used or accessed can result in identity theft or privacy breaches that could ultimately place your practice at risk of incurring substantial fines or penalties.
Qbit helps your medical practice meet its obligations under the Computer and Information Security Standards and Reasonable steps to secure personal information in the following ways:

  • Continuous monitoring of your systems
  • Monthly System Checks
  • Providing your practice with an IT management plan
  • Quarterly business security reviews using our system security auditing software
  • Automated off-site backups
  • Six monthly disaster recovery tests

Qbit has a large number of clients in the Health Care industries, from Medical Practices running Medical Director, to Dentists running Praktika. We even have physiotherapists clients running Smartsoft’s Front Desk. No matter what you run, our System Engineers have the knowledge and skill to keep your practice up and running.


Our System Engineers can support the following programs and many more:


We offer solutions ranging from a few computers networked to an onsite server, to full hosted cloud solutions with all your software configured within. We understand the importance of your systems running as close to 100% efficiency as possible, that’s why the range of experience and expertise from our System Engineers will allow your staff to be effective in providing outstanding service to your customers.
Not only can we look after your servers and software, but we can also manage your printers and photocopiers, install world-class phone systems and generally help you improve staff efficiency and reduce costs.
Give Qbit a call and find out how we can fulfil your needs.

IT Support & Services Perth | Health Care Industries & Medical Practices