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IT Support for Real Estate

IT Support for Real-Estate

Qbit is like your very own IT Department with an entire team available to your business and this has been the case for the Real Estate Industry. Qbit partner with a number of Real Estate Agencies and we understand the demands and specific requirements. Qbit understands that the Real Estate Industry is a lifestyle choice, more than a job, meaning that 24/7 support is required to support their clients.

Our dedicated engineers understand the industry specific software such as Gee Dee, Rockend (Rest, Strata Master) and will liaise with your 3rd Party software vendors to not only resolve any issues but to fine tune and achieve the best efficiencies possible for your business.

Whether you are a stand alone boutique, have multiple locations or even a national agency we can support your requirements and ensure your IT is completely managed to reduce your risk thereby increasing efficiencies.

Give us a call today to book a FREE IT AUDIT which includes a FULL Cyber Security Analysis. We will then present you with a report that will outline any area’s of concern or strategies that may assist your business.

Ask about how Qbit can also assist with your phone systems.