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Webhosted Services

Webhosted Services

Domain Name Management

If you have multiple domain names managed by Qbit Computers, you can log into the domain management console to update contact details etc.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Here is where you can setup email address, email forwarders, change DNS records and so much more.

Domain Registration

Qbit is a full service domain, website and web hosting provider. When you deal with us you can talk to real people, in Western Australia, who hold real IT qualifications.

We can manage your whole web system, including your domain name, your DNS, your Website, your mail server, and even Outlook on your computers.

Companies spend thousands of dollars putting in world class servers to ensure their systems never go down, but fail to understand the importance of managing their domain name and the DNS service. A domain name expiring or a DNS service being adjusted incorrectly can cause emails to bounce, your website to stop working and a remote worker's VPN to disconnect.

Our price accurately reflects our quality, reliability and attention to detail in offering an Australian based Information Technology provider. We guarantee you will be contacted prior to the expiration of your domain name to discuss renewal options.
If you would like Qbit to manage your domain and web hosting, then please call our friendly staff or contact us.



Qbit's Systems have been built to create reliability through redundancy. The servers that provide our Washmail Service and our DNS services are geography separate to ensure reliability. You can go to ICANN's website to see our responsibilities.