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Offsite Backups

Offsite Backups

What would it mean to your company if you lost all your data? Think about having to recover from no accounts, no emails, no business documents you’ve created. Often businesses don’t backup, and those that do don’t regularly run test restores. Businesses that use tape drives don’t often clean them or replace the tapes.
The old way of creating backups was just to protect the data. If the computer failed you would have to reload the operating system, reload all the programs, configure it all and then reload your data. With a Server it could take two days to get it up and running to where it was before the failure.
Qbit can create standby servers so that you can be recovered within minutes in the event of a hardware failure on your main server or even a virus.  For more information on offsite backups visit 


“Qbit did a fantastic job for my business in restoring all the data on my server after a hard drive failure. I thought our server would be down for ages, but within an hour our server was restored and up and running again.
Thanks for the great service and support provided by Qbit.
Regards, Geoff”   
(Full name can be provided upon request)