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Spam Protection

Spam Protection

Email Spam Protection

Spam is not only a nuisance, it affects the productivity of your staff. They can lure them to websites that launch attacks on your computers, or phishing emails can direct staff to websites requesting personal data. It can also lead to staff missing important emails that were mistaken as spam and deleted.
Qbit’s Washmail system is a state of the art email filter that removes spam and viruses from emails before they even hit your inbox. There is no software for you to install. Your server will no longer devote resources to messages you don’t want or need.
Qbit can essentially remove all your spam within 24 hours, and ensure only legitimate emails get through. Ninety percent of the emails that run through this server are spam, and are dumped. The success rate of this system is so effective, that if you were to receive 100 messages a day, our system will block one legitimate message every 27 years! The chances are one in a million, making it not worth your time to double check the blocked emails simply out of caution.

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“Just to let you know, I used to get around a 100 spammed emails every day and it used to take me so much time trying to filter through them all. As soon as I swapped over to using Washmail they stopped! Now I only get real emails. This has been so valuable as it has saved me a lot of time. Many thanks, Arda”    (Full Name can be provided on request)