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Onsite Servers

Server Projects

From a single small business server to a server cluster with hundreds of virtual servers, we design and implement solutions that not only meet your current needs, but allow expansion for your future growth.  Qbit will be there from the time you first investigate the idea, through the specifications, project planning and implementation.  We also manage and administer the system throughout its’ entire lifespan.

Are you running an accounting package like MYOB and find it slow? This is normally a problem caused by network speed – even on the fastest gigabit networks. Qbit can install a terminal server on your site (or hosted in a datacentre) to overcome this problem. Often we can install a terminal server on your existing server hardware reducing the cost of implementing this solution.

Server Specialists

Qbit manage an excess of 1,700 computers for our clients. We specialise in the implementation and support of Windows Essentials Server for small businesses as well as Windows Server and Exchange for larger companies.

If your company is currently running on a Peer to Peer network with no server, some of the benefits of a server are:

server global
  • Synchronising emails, contacts, and appointments between devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablet computers
  • Better security of data
  • Centralised password control
  • Managed backups with data all in one location

Qbit can design and implement a system that best suits your needs. From a small system to a 200 user site with multiple offices over different states or countries, we can use a combination of cloud and onsite servers in order to find the right solution.

We install, maintain and guarantee every product and service we provide. For more information contact the Qbit Team.