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Qbit Cloud

Qbit Cloud

Cloud comes in a number of different forms. The central theme of cloud is that it is not owned by your company and that it has the flexibility to change as your business needs change.

  • Private Cloud
    Is where the servers are located within your firewall, usually located on the business premises, however they are fully rented and include software and hardware.
  • Public Cloud
    Is where your servers are located outside your network at a provider, such as Qbit, Amazon, or Azure.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    Is a combination of services being provided by Private / Public Cloud and some in house.
  • Cloud backup
    This is where your backups are stored in servers that are remote from your business and the servers are not owned by you. The risk for Perth based business, due to the remoteness of the city, is how long it will take to get your data back. We suggest you look at a local cloud provider like us as our cloud backup solution is branded DataKeeper. More information can be found here –

If you would like a quote on a private cloud solution then please contact Qbit Computers for a free consultation.

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