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New Internet Services.

Business Internet

Is your business suffering as a result of your internet speeds? 

Many companies aren’t even aware that their business is suffering as a result of their internet speeds. You can often move to a higher-grade internet for little to no extra cost by also changing to a Hosted PBX from Qbit. Not only do you save on all your line rentals you also save up to 40% on phone calls. 

Managed Internet

Qbit are your central contact for all your IT support needs, and this includes internet. We arrange everything from the initial testing and provisioning, to monitoring your internet links for quality. If there is a connectivity issue our technical engineers will work directly with the upstream provider to get your connection back up and running, ensuring you can focus on running your business instead. 



Business Grade Fibre

Premium internet with elite performance and superior speed. Fibre is a highly scalable service, allowing you to easily increase your bandwidth as your business grows or requirements change. 

Fibre is ideal for:

  • High-speed communications, and optimal operation efficiency
  • Frequent use of VoIP or video conferencing
  • Connections for email or web servers
  • Large file transfers
  • Suitable for MPLS VPN and data-intensive applications
  • Highly scalable- for companies with fluctuating internet demands
  • Remotely located workforces
  • Companies with multiple sites
  • 15+ person offices


National Broadband Network

Qbit is connecting business at a rapid rate to the NBN. With our new NBN plans that include 4G failover and our hosted phone system, we are your ideal NBN partner. You may have heard the stories of how it all went pear-shaped - that is normally because it was not planned.  Don’t think that everyone has to connect to the NBN. If you have fibre in your office from Telstra or Vocus then you can make all your calls over that line. Do not believe the stories from the big Telco’s.  



High coverage broadband ADSL is perfect for the small business. ADSL is a common and cheap fixed line internet familiar to most small business proprietors, however, its prices are costly due to its low speeds. 

ADSL is ideal for:

  • 1-10 person business with normal internet usage requirements
  • Branch offices requiring a secure, private network
  • Providing larger offices with a backup internet link
  • Dedicated connections for email servers or similar application services.


Give Qbit a call today and discover how we can implement this for you.