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App review of the month

App review of the month
Alex Clark | 30-06-17

Last Pass Password Manager

For me, working as an IT tech for both work and family, having all of the passwords for home and work to remember is impossible!! . Which is why I highly recommend using a secure password manager for all of your logins required for your daily work and home passwords. This can help you create very secure passwords for each of your most important web logins and then have Last Pass autofill your login without you wasting time trying to remember which password you need for which website.

Not just a password manager

And Last Pass’s functionality doesn’t just end at password management. It can also do secure form autofill for postage address details or even credit card numbers. It can also store secure notes to help keep your most important information on hand and secure.


Two factor Authentication all the way!!

In my opinion, I think all important web sites logins should have two factor logins. Using Last Pass, you can use any two factor logins such as Google authenticator or DUO security, for the best security available.


How are my passwords kept secure?

Last Pass’s password file is encrypted with a 256bit AES key and salted hashes which can help you rest at ease, knowing your passwords are secured locally, and not even Last Pass can see your logins or data.

Free on all devices

When I started with Last Pass, their mobile app required a premium account, but now it is free for all devices. Just sign up with your email address and help store your passwords securely!!




Pros-tick.jpgFree to use on Web browser    Con-cross.jpg Not able to do multifactor authentication on other sites 
Pros-tick.jpgNot limited to how many passwords stored   
Pros-tick.jpg Not just limited to just passwords    
Pros-tick.jpg  Multi factor Authentication   




Last Pass is the last word on password management. I have yet to see any other software that comes close to what you can get with a free Last Pass account. Their password portal is very user friendly and super easy to setup for any level of security you want to implement.
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