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Announcing Qbit’s new 15 seconds phone system

Announcing Qbit’s new 15 seconds phone system
Cassandra Ball | 30-01-17

"Our new phone system connects customers to us direct in 15 seconds on average. Not 15 minutes, not 1.5 hours - 15 seconds."

When it comes to building a greater customer base Qbit doesn't mind sharing its tips.

Sure, there are those marketers out there that will always say smoke and mirrors and whizzbang surprises are best - but we always like to skip all that and speak to you direct.

‘Direct’, the word is so often spoken when it comes to customer service and client support - but far more rarely is it put into action. This means more time is spent making up plans to serve customers; but too little time spent actually helping them.

We at Qbit have long been a fan of building from the ground up, and that’s why we’re so excited to announce the latest change at our HQ. You know those really annoying calls you make when you have to push the number 1 a billion times to get through to someone? That long wait on the phone with that drab elevator music? We won’t have a bar of it!

Our new phone system connects customers to us direct in 15 seconds on average. Not 15 minutes, not 1.5 hours - 15 seconds. You could ring and connect before you’re done making a cup of instant coffee or bag of tea - you could connect with us 8 times before you're finished making a pack of 2 minute noodles!

Look, let’s be direct: an IT company is not often in the business of comparing itself to a Nescafe coffee, Bushels cup of tea,  or a pack of Maggi Chicken Noodles - but in this particular instance we’ll welcome the association. Like all these products our new phone service is simple, quick, and easy.
No long waits in que, no wait for a callback, and all that other nif naf - Qbit always stands ready to connect and engage with you direct, and this latest evolution of our services is consistent with our founding aim: to provide you exceptional service and reliable IT.

So, be sure to remember that email remains the best way to connect with us.  Emailing guarantees we’ve got a clear understanding in writing of how we can help you, and an easy point of reference to refer back for any future support needs. Yet, if the matter is urgent or an emergency? Our team is always available via email and phone for you.

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