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Make your Business Nearly Unhackable

Qbit has partnered with Yubico to protect and provide your business with a easy to use, fast and reliable security option.

What is Yubikey?

Yubikey is a secure, multi-authentication device which stores the authentication secret on a secure element hardware chip. This secret is never transmitted and therefore cannot be copied or stolen. Yubico, the company who makes the Yubikey, is the principal inventor of the FIDO2 and U2F authentication standards adopted by the FIDO alliance and is the first company to produce the U2F security key and a multiprotocol FIDO2 authenticator. 
Using your Yubikey is simple.

There are three easy steps.

  • Step 1: Enter your credentials
  • Step 2: Touch the key
  • Step 3: Secure Access

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