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Woolies credit card email scam

Woolies credit card email scam
Cassandra Ball | 03-12-15

Woolworths has issued a scam warning via its website and Facebook page after customers received emails posing as customer satisfaction surveys.

“Please watch out for some Facebook & email scams using our name & logo that offer you a Woolworths gift card when you fill out a 'Customer Satisfaction Survey’. We've been alerted that there is one out in the public that is a scam that offers customers either a $100, $150 or $200 voucher once you fill in this survey. This is a scam, do not participate.”

The scam email, which did not come from Woolworths, reads:

“Congratulations! You have been selected by Woolworths Online Department to take part in our quick and easy survey. In return we will credit $50 to your account — just for your time!”

It then invites you to click on a link to complete the form. This takes them to a screen where they are asked to fill out their name, address and credit card details.

‘Phishing’ scams imitate well-known brands to try to collect your personal information. Woolworths customers with concerns can phone 1300 767 969.

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