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Why you should be employing a Standard Operating Environment in your Workplace

Why you should be employing a Standard Operating Environment in your Workplace
Tristan Tuddenham | 27-10-20
You start work on a Monday morning. Great, the keyboard is not working. You grab a spare keyboard out of a drawer. It works, but the keyboard is different to your own, how dreadful. You try to type only with enough typos to make any email recipients think you are a Nigerian prince offering them salvation in the Bahamas for a small donation. If only your old keyboard worked, you could get on with your day without having to backspace every second word. If only you had a spare keyboard like your old one.

Three letters: S.O.E. A standard operating environment is your IT solution. I know the previous example may not be the best to get you on my side, but it is a valid solution. If every keyboard in your workplace was the same, should anything happen you can grab another, and it feels as though the original was never broken. Believe it or not, it makes for a much less productive workday when you are using something you are not familiar with on a day to day basis. Using the same peripherals day in day out trains your brain to the position and feel of your workstation and changing this causes your brain to spend time correcting what is outside the norm. Enough theory, let’s get down to the best part about an SOE.

Technical support. At least half of you reading just cringed inside reading that. But why? Probably because we have all experienced a time where half your day was spent working with technical support on an issue. Well, what makes a techs life so hard at times is having to account for the range of different devices used at each workstation. How many times have you been asked by your support team, is your mouse/keyboard wireless or wired? What operating system are you using? Having to answer questions that you feel the support team should know is irritating. But what if all workstations were the same? This cuts down on the time you spend with your support team trying to narrow down the issue. Great techs take notes, and create documents when they run into a common issue. How awesome would it be if you run in to an issue, you explain what is occurring and the technician immediately know what is happening to that piece of hardware and provides you a solution.

Now I am not saying that an SOE will be the Hail Mary of your technical issues. Things break, and there is no changing that. But knowing your support team is as familiar with your own setup as you are is going to help immensely. I urge anybody spending the time to read this, to consider employing an SOE. Your business can save thousands on lost productivity and many grey hairs because your support company (hopefully Qbit) will be able to fix the problem quicker.  

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