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Why is my computer going slow?

Why is my computer going slow?
Fabio Suffell | 14-03-17

If your computer has gone from a speedy cheetah to a lumbering tortoise there’s something wrong. 

You’ve tried to empty the recycle bin, you’ve tried to restart it, you’ve even tried offering some gentle words of encouragement (‘I hate you, I’m just going to use a typewriter from now on!’), and now you’ve found our article.

As your friendly local team of IT experts, Qbit is here to help. So, let’s look now at some of the major reasons a computer slows down - and how to fix it!


When someone hears computer virus they typically panic, worry their computer has been hacked by rogue hackers from some dangerous island hideaway somewhere, and their whole life is now going to be compromised. Most of the time it's just a matter of having a really good virus program like Qbit AV running on your computer.

While all viruses are not ideal and should be removed, few are also cataclysmic and debilitating. Instead they are most likely to just be minor annoyances, but also be ones that can grow overtime. This means if you’ve found your computer has not just slowed suddenly, but on reflection really dropped in performance overall; odds are strong you’ll have a virus on your computer.

Inefficient use of it (needs to defrag, old and unused programs uninstalled) 

If not a virus, it's possible that you have other processes and systemic issues with your computer. On paper, there may be little wrong with your computer. Your hard drives are not totally full, your computer starts as normal, and it does seem to run OK overall.
Nonetheless, just the same as a virus, if you find a drop in performance has occurred it's clearly time for a clean. Accordingly, needing to defrag your computer, clear out old and unused programs, and even (after you’ve saved all necessary data) do a system restore to a previous period where your computer ran quicker can all be wise.

Needs a professional service and clean 

If all else fails a professional service and clean could prove essential. Not only will this guarantee your computer is cleared out of any lingering viruses and problems, but conversely will also ensure your computer is brought up to optimal speed and performance for your new use with it.

As always, we at Qbit stand ready to work for you in this regard, and undertake a complete clean at a very economical cost for you.  

Qbit is always prepared serve you and get to work helping speed up your businesses computers. Got a slow computer that need be brought up to speed once more? Fix it with Qbit. Got a new computer that just doesn't run as fast as it should? Fix it with Qbit. Have a computer that last week ran fine, but this week is a horror show? Call Qbit!

Today is the time to join the Qbit team and sign up for the quality IT support you and your business needs. We’ll speed up your old computers, maintain your new computers, and turn your temperamental PC into a terrific machine once more!

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