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Why choose a dedicated hosting provider?

Why choose a dedicated hosting provider?
Fabio Suffell | 16-08-17

When it comes to hosting your website, web application or email servers, businesses are faced with limitless options. When the time comes to making a decision, most businesses look for the most cost effective solution that they feel is the best value for money. But how do you decide what is the right solution for your business without all the information?

Each business is different and a lot of the more ‘cost effective’ options out there for hosting, are often unreliable and could potentially damage a business. This is because they are on shared hosting, which in layman's terms means there is one server shared by different websites, email servers and web applications. 

Why is that a bad thing? 

Well, a shared server comes with shared priorities for the host. If you’re experiencing issues, you’re in a queue. If your site goes down because of a server issue, they have to attend to the needs of every account linked to that server and so on. Here are our top four reasons to choose a dedicated hosting provider

1. Your server resources are not shared

By choosing a dedicated hosting provider, you have the peace of mind knowing that your website will not be slowed down because of another website clogging up the server. With a dedicated server you know that another website's bandwidth and traffic won't slow your site down.

2. Improved performance and security

By choosing a dedicated hosting provider, you’re guaranteeing your site the maximum uptime possible. Shared hosting is suitable for sites with low traffic, so if you have a medium to high traffic site, a dedicated server provides more stability and is more reliable than a shared server. 

With a dedicated server you are also secure in knowing that you’re not sharing space with any potential malware or potential spammers. Dedicated servers offer more security to protect your data.

3. Customisation and flexibility

As your business changes, so does its needs and that is no different to its server needs. By being on your own server you’re able to change things like CPU, RAM, disk space and software, whereas with a shared hosting, you are restricted to the host's requirements. 

4. Unique IP address

Every server has its own, unique IP address. So with shared hosting you’re also sharing your IP address with multiple websites, which at first thought is not necessarily a big issue, until one of the sites sharing a server with you is an adult site or a spam site, which will result in your website's rank going down. 

At Qbit, we want to give all of our existing and potential clients the information they need to make a well educated and informed decision. Our secure, dedicated servers are ready to host your website, web application or email server.

If you want to protect your data and give it a secure place to live - get in touch with us.

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