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Why are more businesses turning to managed services for their IT?

Why are more businesses turning to managed services for their IT?
Alex Clark | 21-06-17

Managed Service providers (MSP) give companies the ability to have the day to day support required for their employee’s in the most pro-active manner, while also providing them the services and equipment all in the one bill.

With business’s requiring more and more specialised software in order to run their day to day functions like quote generation, email marketing or digital design, all the while having the ability to have their data either on the cloud or on a very stable local area network in the most cost effective way, Managed IT services has been the go to IT service for many businesses. 

Access to new tech

Most MSP’s are partners or distribution members of business hardware and software suppliers which will help businesses get advice on what new equipment will complement their employee’s day to day functions, instead of having constant issues with old equipment or software which is no longer supported.

Better Uptime

Managed IT providers come with their own software agents to help monitor your network and servers, and be able to help maximize your total uptime for both internal networking and website surfing. MSP’s can also help make a disaster recovery plan, should the worst happen to your data, and ensure you are back up and running as soon as possible.

Peace of mind

The ability to not have to do your own IT Support for your most critical pc’s, saving time to focus on more important tasks. And also able to call and have it fixed and ready to go for your next big meeting instead of spending a lot of time trying to fix it, is one of the main reasons managed services benefits your workplace.

24/7 availability

With internal IT offices set to a standard 9-5 workday, MSP’s offer better availability as they are always available 24/7, to help with offices or shops that run outside of normal work hours, in a quick and efficient way, without having to break the bank.

Fixed costs

Managed service agreements offer fixed service charges which help with budgeting for only what you need, instead of going over a set amount of hours whenever you have a serious issue that requires work. The agreement also gives you guaranteed service times so you can be assured of a quick response time, all the time, no matter the request.

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