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Which internet service is right for your business

Which internet service is right for your business?

Which internet service is right for your business?
Cassandra Ball | 07-06-18

With such a wide range of internet services available choosing the right internet for your business can be a struggle and a massive decision. Some contracts are a minimum of three years with a monthly fee of around $800. That is a total of around $30,000 over three years!

So which internet connection is correct for your business?


As a small business of 1 to 5 users, a home grade NBN or ADSL would most likely be all you need. Qbit can run your business phone system and all your internet needs over this connection and should cost you around $100 a month.


As a slightly larger businesses of 5 to 15 users then a Qbit business NBN plan with a 4G failover (if available in your area) would probably be a great fit. If - or should I say when - NBN goes down, after a minute or two you will automatically be connected to the 4G network and you can resume working while we find out what the issue is with the NBN.  

If you have 10 to 30 people in your business, you could still look at a higher end business NBN with immediate failover. Having immediate failover will mean you won’t even lose a phone call during failover.


For businesses with 20 users and over a dedicated fibre internet connection with agreed remediation times or SLA would certainly be recommended. This would ensure you rarely, if ever, lose internet. 

It would certainly be advisable to check with Qbit before signing any new lease to ensure the type of connection you need is available at that location. More often than not we see businesses moving into a new location, only to find out they are stuck with limited internet options.  


Is the NBN reliable? 

To be frank, no it’s not. 

Qbit have recently stopped selling NBN plans to our customers as the average plans just aren’t suited to business - what business can afford to have any downtime? After much research into what options are available in Perth, we created a new set of plans which include various types of failovers, depending on your business needs. Small businesses (or in fact any business) can’t afford to be offline or for their phones to not ring.

We feel confident the plans we have created are a premium service and look forward to setting up customers onto these new plans, delivering our phone systems and providing them with exceptional service.

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