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What to Look for in a Web Host

What to Look for in a Web Host
Demi B | 12-04-21
A company’s website is one of the fore runners that represents a company. Therefore, it is very important to make sure you get the best web hosting service for your company’s website.
Often, companies do not put as much importance on web hosting as to web design. However, web hosting also holds an importance of its own in making sure that the website is always up, along with the other software and hardware maintenance around it.

Here are some things you should consider when looking for a web host.
  1. Excellent Customer Support
One of the worst things that could happen is that your website is down, and it takes you too many hours to get in touch with your web hosting service provider. Sometimes, this part of the service is not given importance until it is too late.

Test out your potential web host’s channel of communication and see how fast they will respond. Look at some of the reviews they have online when it comes to customer service. This is very important, especially at crucial moments, and it says a lot about what working with the company will be like.
  1. Low Down Time Rate and Reliable
It is crucial for web hosts to have a good uptime policy. Although, you also have to take into consideration that web hosts cannot guarantee a 100% uptime rate to give space for server maintenance and updates that are necessary, and they may need take your website offline for a while.
Make sure your web host has a good uptime policy and guarantee.
  1. Bandwidth and Storage Capacity
Bandwidth pertains to the amount of web traffic and page views a website can handle at a particular timeframe. If your website exceeds the maximum bandwidth, it may cause it to crash or go offline.
Bandwidth and storage also affect the performance of your website. Depending on the amount of data compared to the storage, your website could load fast. If you plan on putting a lot of videos and high-definition graphics on your landing pages, it is best to get a web host with high bandwidth and storage plans.

Your website performance and how fast it loads up will directly affect your traffic and bounce rate. Frustrated visitors may opt to leave the site when it loads slowly. It could also discourage first time visitors from checking again.
  1. Flexibility
When your company grows, your website may grow along with it. Improvements in design and additional landing pages could be needed in the future. Make sure your web host has a variety of plans and is flexible enough to adjust to the needs of your website.

Also, when your business grows, it may mean that you will get more traffic on your website. You may need hosting plan upgrades for that.
  1. Management Tools
Having a user friendly and convenient management tool, such as cPanel, allows you to manage your domains easily. As your business and website grows, you may need to set-up more domains or subdomains.
  1. Transparent Pricing
Pricing for web hosting could increase from time to time. It is common practice. Unless you are in a long-term plan, you may see some price increase when you are renewing.

Although price increases are usual, you should find a web host that will be clear and transparent to you when it comes to pricing so that you can easily adjust.

Getting a quality and reliable web host is one of the keys to your company’s success. Qbit Computers offers a variety of web hosting options that can accommodate your business’ specific needs. Visit to learn more about our hosting services.

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