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What to Expect in IT this 2021

What to Expect in IT this 2021
Demi B | 17-12-20
Are you keeping up with the latest IT technology and trends?
We live in a fast-paced era and the IT industry is one of the fastest evolving trades. Contrary to the anticipated setbacks, the recent pandemic has actually advanced the IT community due to its demands. Remote work became a primary set up in the majority of businesses all over the world and the IT technology available had to adapt to accommodate this sudden change.

For 2021, the demands in 2020 will be improved and upgraded. This is why one of the most expected trends to come in the next year is a big move to cloud computing. When companies were forced to close as cities were put under lockdown to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, those who did not have their systems in the cloud had the most difficult time continuing operations.

Cloud computing has been around for a while, but it has not been utilised by a lot of companies, especially ones from a traditional set up. There are many benefits of using cloud services, such as allowing employees to access data wherever they are, no hardware maintenance, customisable to your storage needs, and more.

However, it is understandable that reservations with using the cloud comes from a fear for security. What most people do not know is that a lot of cloud service providers have regular auditing policies and backup support, which means it could be even more secure than physical servers. In line with this mindset, another trend in 2021 will be the strengthening of cyber security.

As mentioned earlier, cloud technology already has security measures lined up, but with businesses gradually shifting to working remotely, stricter cyber security must be implemented to ensure the safety of important data.

Of course, one of the most important parts of productivity is having good, fast, and reliable internet. 5G is expected to roll out worldwide next year and major tech companies are working on launching 5G applications, as well.

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