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What if your office phone came with you

What if your office phone came with you?

What if your office phone came with you?
Annie Munroe | 08-06-18

In our industry, we speak to small business owners everyday about their ICT needs and how we can increase or improve the value their business gets from technology. In an ever-changing environment, the biggest complaint we hear from our customers about their day-to-day running is how they always seem to run out of time.

In today’s business world, every owner has to be across every aspect of their business to ensure that they continue to grow and stay relevant to their customer base. One sacrifice that cannot be replenished is our growing need for more time in our standard day.

‘If I could just get an extra hour at home every day without impacting my business..’

For some, the idealistic nature of this remark cancels out the ability to utilise tools already in their possession. No matter what your business does, communication underlines all critical aspects of success through your partner relationships, client requests and acquisitions to sustaining a team environment.

Are you aware of all of the features available to you through the 3CX Phone System App and how it can increase productivity and provide flexibility to your business? 

The value of a 3CX Phone System for some businesses lies in its extras;

The Top 5 Advantages of 3CX Phone System App

  1. Don’t leave your business contacts behind. Access contact information stored on your office phone from your mobile device or computer.
  2. No more sweating over a missed call. Cut administration times down by being able to view your office phone’s call history, retrieve voice mail and manage greetings from anywhere.
  3. Your customers never need to know you’re away. Place and receive calls using your business number, as if you’re in the office.
  4. Avoid scrolling through your contacts. Call in-office extensions from your mobile number through the app to reach internal staff while you’re on the go. 
  5. Take control of your schedule. Gain more time in your working day by making your office phone flexible to your schedule. 
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