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What does a free I.T. audit involve?

What does a free I.T. audit involve?
Cassandra Ball | 18-01-17

When was the last time you checked your I.T. systems performance for any vulnerabilities? Have you noticed your system running slowly? Do you have a tested and proven disaster recovery plan?

What is it?

An I.T. audit reviews and assesses your automated and non-automated information processing systems and their interfaces. Arranging the I.T. audit includes two important stages. The initial step is to accumulate data and do some arranging. The second step is to get a comprehensive overview of the current inner control structure. Everything is laid on the table for you, we will set out your I.T.’s weaknesses and strengths so you know exactly what you are dealing with. In short we look at what you have in place and tell you the best ways to improve your current system so that you have faster, more reliable I.T.. 

Do you need an audit?

Most businesses are frustrated with their I.T. but they don’t know what steps to take without spending a whole lot of money. If everything is running slow and it’s affecting your day to day activities, you have to begin to question, when was the last time I had anyone look at my I.T. frameworks and am I subject to vulnerabilities that could adversely affect my whole business? If the answer is yes, then our free I.T. health check is necessary to help you repair the problem before the headache induced stage, not after. 

Tired of geek talk?

It’s hard to know what you’re paying for when your I.T. person is seemingly speaking in, what feels like, another language. At Qbit we ditch the tech jargon so you know exactly what problems you are facing and how we plan to roll out the solution. 

If you think that an I.T. audit would be beneficial to your company, then call us for a free I.T. health check and we can come out to your office for an assessment.

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