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Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication
Fabio Suffell | 30-07-20


Would you like to never have to change your password again? Well the IT recommendation on password changing has changed.  IT departments have finally realised that if we keep making you change your password, you will write it down and stick it to your monitor. 

If you want to move to not changing your passwords, we have created a must have list first.  


  • Never give your password to anyone or change it if you have had to for any reason.
  • Have two-factor authentication on their Microsoft 365 accounts.
    • When you log in from somewhere new you have to approve the log in another way, like an app on your phone. Everyone using Microsoft 365 must use 2FA. 
  • Use AuthPoint to protect your Windows Logins.
    • When you log into to your Windows machine you should be approving your log in from your phone. 
  • Do not use your Windows or Microsoft 365 password anywhere else. 
  • Use some sort of password vault like My Glue to ensure that all passwords are different and complex.
    • Having a password vault is a must. It pays for itself in productivity increase by auto filling in user names and passwords on all the websites that you have to log into.  
  • The company is vigilant about removing the accounts of ex-employees.
  • The company has updated all passwords since the password complexity rules have been implemented. 

As you can see, we are really pushing Multi-Factor Authentication because we know that will protect you. It does not matter how complicated your password is, if it is stolen or released by mistake, the Criminals are in your system and it can be quite embarrassing, as one Perth based account recently discovered (they are not Qbit clients yet). They gained access to his emails and sent emails to his contacts stating that he was in financial difficulty and could they loan him some money.  

Why use a password vault? About 1 in 5 people consistently use weak or shared passwords… 

How many of them work in your organisation?  

Given that it takes just one stolen password to compromise your network, you have to ask yourself, how likely is it that one or more of your employees are mishandling their passwords? Even more alarming, the costs associated with a breach can reach millions of dollars with direct fines, investigation and remediation expenses as well as indirect expenses from lost customers and low employee productivity.  

Please reach out to Qbit today to find out how to secure your systems and protect your business. 


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