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This is what we use 3CX for

This is what we use 3CX for
Annie Munroe | 20-06-18

Since switching from PSTN lines to a Hosted VoIP system, we have been able to increase productivity and provide better overall service to our customers. This month, we thought we’d share some results that have been achieved from our team by utilising our phone system features;

The Administration Team

‘Exceptional customer service’
Recently I had a phone call from a customer regarding an open request they had related to their phone system. With the Account Manager unavailable, I spoke to the customer about what information they needed in detail and advised the customer they would receive a call back later that day. Rather than writing notes, I provided the voice call to the Account Manager meaning they could continue the conversation with the customer seamlessly. As a customer, it can be really frustrating explaining yourself over and over again to different members within the organisation. With this method, our customers have a better customer experience and we reduce double-handling. 

The Directors

‘Complete flexibility’
With two offices, it can be time-consuming alerting my staff where I am going to be. Regardless of where I am, I know that all my staff need to do to reach me is click my extension, whether I’m on my mobile, on my laptop or on my desk phone. It provides a consistency to my staff having one method to reach me through the multiple access points I utilise through my fluctuating day.

Management Team

‘Connecting our team across locations’
When you’re managing a team that operate remotely from our Head Office, scheduling team meetings can be a nightmare. Every morning, our technicians will conference call in to our meetings using the video conferencing feature. It allows our team to stay connected regardless of where they are located. We had one staff member in Kalgoorlie, three at our West Perth office and the rest located in Westminster on the same phone call. It reduces double-handling whilst promoting a healthy work place culture as no staff member misses a beat. 
Recording our phone calls also means that we can use real-life examples to improve our customer service and problem resolution approach. This is a handy method we use in our training programs. 

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