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This Underrated Feature in Microsoft Teams is Getting an Upgrade

This Underrated Feature in Microsoft Teams is Getting an Upgrade
Demi B | 25-05-21
One of the best ways of presenting ideas or training people is using a white board to map out concepts. Sadly, this is one of the most overlooked features in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams is being used in classrooms all over the world and even as a tool for training professionals without the need to be in the same room. It is one of the many technological boosts brought about by the pandemic.

The whiteboard feature in Microsoft Teams actually offers a lot of potential use including brainstorming ideas for campaigns, mapping out processes, and even coming up with organizational charts.
Microsoft has released 15 new ink colors and six thickness settings, a new highlighter tool with 15 colors and 10 new sticky note colors are now available in Microsoft Whiteboard. 35 new features will be rolling out in the following months until August.

Microsoft whiteboard is used like a regular whiteboard where users can draw or write their thoughts and ideas. One advantage is that the boards can be saved before erasing to make new ones. You can also create templates or use ones already made to make your visuals more organized and engaging.

Microsoft teams is one of the best platforms to use for business for remote and office-based work. It makes communication and collaboration more efficient for maximum productivity. Qbit Computers offer Microsoft Teams installation and other useful business apps.

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