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TeamViewer password reuse warning

TeamViewer password reuse warning
Cassandra Ball | 08-06-16

TeamViewer has issued an advisory urging users of its remote desktop tool to change their passwords and turn on two-factor authentication due to a recent security issue. The application has the potential to be used for remote access by malicious individuals.

Attackers have reportedly used passwords from recent stolen data, such as Reddit, LinkedIn and Tumblr, to gain access to TeamViewer accounts which allow them to connect to a user's computer and take over other online accounts using stored login information within internet browsers. The criminals are then stealing money from Paypal and other financial accounts.

You should be advised that if an attacker has access to your TeamViewer account, it is possible they can access computers managed by that account (particularly in business packages of TeamViewer). The attacker would then have access to all your files and any websites, including online banking. If you save your credentials for online banking on an affected computer, the attacker can also log into those sites.

You should immediately change your password for TeamViewer and install two-factor authentication.

Staying safe

Stay Smart Online recommends that you use a strong, unique password for every site you use, particularly those that contain important information such as access to your computers. Strong passwords are difficult to guess and should generally be:

  • at least 10 characters long
  • a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and other symbols.

Do not include:

  • recognisable words or names, in any language
  • repeated characters
  • personal information
  • anything you have previously used.

This article originally appeared on Stay Smart Online.

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