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Storage Clean Up Can Significantly Affect PC Performance

Storage Clean Up Can Significantly Affect PC Performance
Demi B | 19-07-21
One important routine in maintaining your device is to occasionally have a storage clean up. Not only will this help your device run a little faster and smoother, but you will also get rid of digital clutter in your workspace. Here are some tips that are so easy and simple that users often overlook them. 
1. Empty Your Recycle Bin 

These files are in the recycle bin for the very reason that they are of no use or importance anymore. So there is really no use in keeping them. It is very common for people to forget to empty their recycle bin. However, this takes up space in your computer that can be used for files, apps, or software that you actually need and use. 

Right click on your recycle bin icon > Empty Recycle Bin. That is it. You now have more space in your computer. 

2. Get Rid of Temporary Files 

Some software and apps need to store temporary files at the time you use them. Going to Settings > System > Storage, will let see the space being taken up by Temporary files or Downloads. If you want to see a more detailed list of these files, click on Temporary Files. You can find checkboxes which you can select. 

3. Uninstall Unused and Outdated Apps and Software 

There are some software that are not used anymore or outdated that are still installed on the computer that takes up valuable space. This is especially so for computers that are passed on to multiple people. You can go through your list of installed apps and software. Go to the start button > Settings> Apps to see all the installed software on your computer. 

4. Delete Duplicate Files 

This is one of the more tedious options as you need to go through all your folders and files to see if you have any duplicates in different folders. However, you can also get third party apps and software that can crawl your computer for you and find the duplicate files. 

5. Use a Disk Clean Up Utility Software 

For a fresh new clean slate, reset your computer. This is only ideal if you have a place to backup all your data, you are moving to a new device, or the current device is about to be passed on to a different person.  

First, back up any files you will still need. Although there is an option to reset without deleting files, it is better to be safe than sorry. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery. The first button will initiate the Windows 10 reset. 

For businesses, it is recommended to have a data storage system. This will make it easier for employees to get access to important data, store these data without bloating their computer, and collaborate on projects. 

Qbit Computers offers a variety of storage systems from physical servers to online cloud. These systems will not only help manage crucial data for your company, but also provide layers of security measures. Visit for more information on our data storage services. 

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