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Servers, a thing of the past? Not always!

Servers, a thing of the past? Not always!
Alex Clark | 21-04-17

​With billions of people using smartphones, computers and tablets every day in both personal and professional lives, the need for servers grows daily. To be used for jobs such as running a website, storing data and sending emails to anywhere in the world. And those are only some of the many tasks servers can be configured to do.

Having a server in your network can help with securing your company data and also improve reliability within your local network, while also having a single location that everyone can collaborate on, documents company application instead of everyone huddled up to the one Computer.

Does my business need a server?

Short answer is YES. All businesses that have more than 5 employees benefit from having a local or offsite server to run their most crucial services like email and website hosting as well has to keep their data safe and secure from accidental deletion or hardware faults. All servers have be tailored to suit both budget and location limits while still giving you all the requirements your business needs.

Should I get an Onsite or hosted Server?

So you’ve decided on getting a new server but want go over what would be the most suitable for you and also which is best bang for your buck. Here is why you should get an onsite server and why you should get a hosted server.

Onsite Server


  • Complete control over your server and its data
  • Not reliant on an internet connection for data access
  • Third parties have no access to data
  • Server can be configured to specific needs


  • Hardware replacement needed every 5-7 years
  • High energy consumption
  • Requires space and constant cooling
  • No uptime guarantees

Hosted Server


  • No hardware expenses needed
  • Connectable from anywhere using either home or business equipment 
  • Cost effective service
  • No electrical costs


  • Setup and monthly fees
  • Reliant on internet connection
  • No control over data security 

So in summary if you are looking to keep your digital content secure and more redundant the best way to achieve that is to get a server to run all your requirements for day to day running of your business. Its highly recommended to go over what you require your server to do in your network to help get the best out of owning a server. If you need any help with this contact Qbit on (08) 6364 0600

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