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Review: Apple iOS 9

Review: Apple iOS 9
Cassandra Ball | 25-09-15

The latest update to Apples iOS software is faster, cleaner and easier to use. There may not be massive changes but the convenience of this update ensures it’s a must-have download.

The new iOS 9 update claims to improve battery life by up to an hour and run even smoother than previous versions. Siri has had a revamp now been located to the left of the main home screen. The default font has been changed, and there are variations to many Apple apps including the arrival of Apple News. 
If you do decide to upgrade you’re unlikely to notice dramatic differences between the iOS interface you’ve grown accustomed to. But there are a few changes that we’re excited about.
Until now Siri was mostly used as a form of party trick or to test its knowledge of riddles. In the iOS 9 upgrade Siri is all grown up and ready to take on the world. Swipe left on your home screen and you will see a new Siri’s Suggestions screen. This new screen gives you the option to search either through voice or text.  Ask Siri for something and it will find it within your phone (as long as it is an Apple native app or a third party app designed for iOS 9). You can ask it to remind you of “this” while reading something in Safari – and sure enough it will be saved for later convenience.  You can ask to see photos taken during a specific time period or location.

Siri reminders
You will also notice Siri keeping tabs on your day to day tendency’s; who you call frequently, which apps you use the most ext. Once it gathers all this information you will be offered ‘Siris Suggestions’. Here you will find 8 icons, your most used contacts and apps. It’s hit and miss with this feature and I guess only time will tell how efficient Siri is.

 Siri Suggestions

Siri now understands YOUR voice. When your phone is connected to a power source you can get its attention with “Hey Siri”. You will need to set this up and train it to recognise your voice in the setup procedure which requires you to say “Hey Siri” a number of times. But all in all, Siri is very attentive. And with expected upgrades in the future you will be able to get Siri’s attention with a number of different commands.
iOS 9 Today menu
The general layout of the update is clean and prettier. You’re able to switch back to previous apps as opposed to closing between apps. The font has been changed to the new San Francisco font.

Anyone updating their current iPhone 5 or 6 will get a new screen layout, a bunch of refinements and a single new app (News). The big changes are for people who are buying the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.
iOS 9 seems to be a mixed bag. You’re either going to love it or hate it. But bear in mind that it is the fastest adopted iOS updated ever and deservedly so. There may not be a large amount of ground-breaking features, but it has been thoughtfully refined.  

 This article originally appeared at pcauthority

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