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Qbit performs a miracle

Qbit performs a miracle
Cassandra Ball | 16-03-18

Running a 24/7 IT support company, you expect to receive the odd call after hours from a client needing support. It’s not often that you get a call from a prospective client seeking urgent help with their ICT systems. 

This call came from someone who runs a medical centre. They had finally been transitioned onto the NBN network with the help of their current IT. Unfortunately, they lost all incoming phone lines because their current phone system was not compatible with what they were signed up for.

Obviously, this prevented their patients from being able to ring in and book appointments.

We heard about this problem at 7pm on Thursday evening. Understanding how much downtime and lost productivity this would be causing the medical centre, Qbit swung into action.

Once we got off the phone with the client, we went back to the office to collect and set up a temporary phone system. This included three handsets and their old phone numbers diverted to temporary numbers.

Our remarkable phone technician, Gareth, drove straight to the medical centre the next morning to set up the system on site, and ensure everything was working for the client.

By 9:30am we had the phone system up and running, and their old number diverted to the temporary number that we had set up. Their patients never the wiser that anything had gone horribly wrong.

Not only did we install and set up the phone system within hours of receiving the phone call, we also ensured that the medical centre was able to receive multiple calls at one time; something they didn’t have prior.

Before you move to the NBN, ensure that your systems are compatible. Qbit are Perths VoiP and 3CX specialists, and have assisted many clients to transition to the NBN and VoiP phones.

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