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Qbit News
Fabio Suffell | 21-02-20

2020 is off to a flying start with a new record of 800 tickets in one week, we have had a number of new clients join us in the second half of 2019.

Two Accounting firms
One Shire
Two Doctors
One Youth Accommodation
One Charity that works in the NDIS area


We achieved the 800 record because of this and the growth from existing customers. Thanks to fantastic Qbit team work we are closing these tickets fast and still getting great reviews on the closed ticket survey. Our Net Promotor Score is still 70 which is a great result considering that the score can go from -100 to +100.  However, if you ever feel you are not getting exceptional service please reach out and let your account manager know so that they can rectify the problem. 
In other news, we would like to Welcome Ayron Chaplin to the Qbit team,  Ayron’s speciality is in Share Point, Microsoft Teams and the transfer of your files to Sharepoint.  Please talk to your account manager if you would like to know more about the services Qbit offers in this area.  Ayron has two boys that he follows around Perth watching them play soccer
We hope that all our customers have a successful 2020 and feel privileged that you make Qbit part of your companies success. 

Qbit is in the process of getting ISO9001 certified - We will keep you posted - watch this space

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