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Nominate your Staff for The Rotary Club of Subiaco's Pride of Workmanship Award, Sponsored by Qbit

Nominate your Staff for The Rotary Club of Subiaco's Pride of Workmanship Award, Sponsored by Qbit
Dave Musarra | 25-02-20

It is Late February. I close my eyes for a minute to think of where life will take me in the next 6 months. I am a Director of Qbit and soon to be President of the Rotary Club of Subiaco. It looks like lots of responsibilities and no time for fun. I smile because I know that the latter isn't the case. The Rotary Club of Subiaco is Fun and welcoming. Accomplishing great community projects is a biproduct of our members enthusiasm and social conscience. My time in Qbit as a Business Director and my time in Rotary as a Rotarian contains synergies. Apart from having fun, both organisations focus on Service. Our Mottoes are all about service. Qbit's being, Exceptional Service Reliable IT. Rotary's two mottos are "Service above self" and "One Profits Most Who Serves Best"


My mind wonders back a few years, I am 13 years old, helping my mum at work at a small coffee shop. I start to understand that I could just do the job at hand or could go one step further and connect with the person I am serving to add more value to the job or just add more value to that persons moment in time. Good will is enacted and created. Profit isn't just found in the $1.20 cappuccino (It was a long time ago) but that brightening of the human spirit. I remember reading some words from a speech given by Rotarian Arthur Frederick Sheldon at Rotary's first convention in 1911 in Portland, Oregon, USA, he said "Business is the science of human services. He profits most who serves his fellows best". I open my eyes and reflect how true that is.

I have experienced and heard stories about great service from businesses in our community. The helpful bank teller who connects with every customer and knows all the regulars by first name. The bicycle shop owner who starts to serve a lady and notices that she is injured from falling off her bike, takes her to the coffee shop across the road, helps her settle down and buys her a coffee.

Qbit wishes to recognise these individuals by sponsoring The Rotary Club of Subiaco Pride of Workmanship Award. The Award seeks to honour those people, irrespective of age or vocation, who in the eyes of their respective employers, show a distinct quality in their approach, attitude and dedication to their job. Why not nominate a staff member from one of these businesses who you feel have shown high quality of service and pride in their work.

Download the nominating form here.

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