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New Tech Helps Combat Remote Communications Gap for Resources Sector

New Tech Helps Combat Remote Communications Gap for Resources Sector
John Williams | 28-03-22
With an ever-growing number of resource sector customers being added to their client base, West Perth managed services provider Qbit has been successfully utilizing Elon Musk’s new Starlink satellites as part of their remote comms and data solution for mining and exploration companies. 
Business development manager for Qbit John Williams, has described this technology as a game changer for an industry that often struggles to get efficient connectivity to their remote sites of operation. However, the Starlink network is a long way from being reliable enough to be a standalone service. “I’m sure Elon is over the moon that he basically owns space, but it’s proving difficult to furnish” John said. 

In the meantime, we are using SD-WAN technology to help fill in the gaps. Starlink satellites are what’s called LEO or (Low Earth Orbit) satellites. Due to their closer proximity to the planet, they suffer from much lower latency speeds or lag than traditional geo stationary satellites. The latency is almost on a par with 4G, which means that for the first time these services can be bonded together successfully and used simultaneously.  

The SD-WAN devices allow us to set up the Starlink and 4G services as either bonded together to create 1 large data pipe, or as failover for the periods where gaps currently exist in the Starlink network. What this provides is a faster and more reliable internet connection for people in remote areas of Australia. The big surprise in all of this is that with Starlink pricing starting at only $139/month for unlimited data, it’s so much more affordable than previous solutions, and the speeds are also far superior. 

There are several ways that Qbit can deploy Starlink that businesses will find attractive because it not only enhances the speed and reliability onsite, but also enhances cybersecurity protocols for remote locations, which is increasingly important. 

For reliability we can 
  • Bond it with 4G or other low latency internet connections to use them simultaneously 
  • Use 4G or NBN satellite as fail over for the Starlink 
  • Starlink could be failover for your current connection i.e., fiber. 
  • Give priority to phone calls 
  • Use Starlink Premium with its higher speed and reliability 

For Cybersecurity we can 
  • Bring multiple sites behind one firewall in the cloud 
  • Limit access to certain types of websites 
  • Geo block certain countries 

These are just a few of the options that Qbit has tried and tested for their remote clients. Qbit Computers has been recognized as one of the top Managed Service Providers by Design Rush.

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