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NBN and its alternatives: how to get around this?

NBN and its alternatives: how to get around this?
Fabio Suffell | 31-03-17
We can all agree we’d like faster internet for our business. We can also all agree the NBN seems like a nice way of doing this. It’s everything that follows we might have trouble agreeing on. While everyone wants faster internet and the NBN is a way to get it, many people have struggled to get access to the NBN - or found the waiting time for an eventual rollout is simply too long - and so they look to alternatives.

The NBN roll out, like waiting for a bus or a train, sometimes you decide ‘stuff waiting, I’ll just get there myself’. Our last article detailed an overview of the NBN, its anticipated rollout within Perth, and how Qbit can help your business  along the way.
We remain ready to do so, but understand there are many who feel their business cannot wait any longer for faster internet. We hear you, and know a number of ways you can fast track your access in Australia to rapid internet. Let’s look now at some of the private providers on offer.

Even if you have the NBN you may not be happy with it

The NBN is likely already available in your city. It is likely already available in your suburb. If it is almost available to you - but ONLY if you move to the next suburb, you are sure to be an unhappy camper! Nonetheless, even those who have the NBN may not be happy with the service, and so considering the wider possibility of what options are available to you is useful.

It's time to explore the alternatives

Considering an alternative to the NBN comes with a couple of considerations. All as important as each other. Is it worthwhile changing from my current provider now? If so, how easy is it to get out of my current contract? Does the upgrade on speed and service make a huge difference to what I have now? Are all these tech questions driving me bonkers? Each option must be considered carefully.

How do they differ from the NBN anyway?

The difference between an NBN provider and an NBN alternative usually comes down to price. When you are first in the market, you willbe sure to charge a premium for your product. For those intent on getting early access to the NBN this may be worthwhile. For those just frustrated about the delay, this cost may seem too much.

When NBN is rolled out what should I do then?

Once the NBN is rolled out you may decide you do want  to make the switch.That is totally OK. The upside of the delay in the NBN rollout is it has allowed more businesses and startups to make plans for entry into the market once the rollout is completed.
This means that once the NBN does arrive across more of Perth - not to mention more of Australia -  greater competition in the market will see prices become more affordable.

What if I’ve actually got the NBN but think an alternative would be better?

It's not abnormal to look at other providers once you have received the NBN. While important to be mindful of any existing contracts you’ve signed with your current internet provider, this is the perfect opportunity to look at other options..

The caveat to this is you may find you don’t need to change to increase your speeds. Oftentimes, it is just a matter of making a call to your current provider and saying ‘Hey, my business needs faster internet, what can you do for me?’ You might find your provider was holding out on the top speed (cheeky internet provider!) and that you can speed up without needing to swap out.

What about my phone too man!

The NBN also applies to phones. This is an important consideration to keep in mind.
Whether you business is happy with your current provider, relishing the chance to switch to the NBN, or really hoping to skip the process altogether, your phone system will play a part of this.
For those who feel weary doing a separate phone plan in tandem to internet (as standalones are often more expensive), then consider your online options if you're intent on not waiting around for the NBN. Something  like our VOIP systems can allow you to use just an internet connection to make many calls (and when used in tandem with your mobile when you’re away from the office, can be a really strong combination).
There is the question of costs with these new providers offering a faster service before the NBN does - but being aware the market is craving it,  they also charges a high premium for it. The real test going forward will be to see whether these alternatives have carved out enough of a niche and customer base, to prevent a transition of customers to the NBN once they rollout occurs in their neighbourhoods.
If they fail to provide a real advantage or a loyalty program, they may well find many existing customers making the switch. However you look at it though, anyone living and working in Perth who is craving faster internet, but cannot wait for the NBN now, has a number of strong alternatives in the market. In turn, the NBN will face some robust competition once it does arrive across Perth.
Overall, this can only be good news for Perth and those in need of faster internet, now and into the future. you are awaiting the NBN, but are in a part of Australia where internet service is spotty or remote, then it is a reality the potential for another service provider to assist you may also be limited.
Nonetheless, exploring all options in this regard can be sage.

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