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NBN Has Taken Down My Phones

NBN Has Taken Down My Phones
Fabio Suffell | 01-02-18

Transitioning your business to the NBN can be a complicated task. We have seen a few customers now that have signed up with one of the big telcos and the next minute they have no ADSL, no phones and no NBN.

One customer was without their business line for 2 months, with all business calls diverted to his mobile. He had signed up with Telstra who did not look at what phone system he had nor if it was compatible with what they were offering, and of course, it was not. 

Please talk to your account manager before you sign up for NBN. A 5 min call to us can save your sanity. Once it is in the hands of the big telco’s, it is very hard to deal with.  

NBN is not suitable for all businesses. If your business is currently on Bonded DSL or Fibre, then the NBN may not suit you. Once again, please have a chat to your account manager.

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