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Microsoft's Newest Management Feature

Microsoft's Newest Management Feature
Demi B | 21-12-20
Microsoft is one of the most iconic names in tech, but there is something extremely important missing from their line of products: a user-friendly password manager.

Over the years, people would have to find a third party app or software, but now Microsoft is on the way to developing their very own master password manager to easily log in accounts without compromising security.

This managing feature will be integrated into the Microsoft Authenticator app. The Authenticator has been widely used as an additional security measure with the two-factor authentication workflow. It is very useful for consumer and enterprise use with its extensive security features such as logging in using your fingerprint. The added password management will be a game changer for the app as it can now autofill passwords and sync them across multiple devices and browsers. These features are compatible with Android, iOS, and desktops.

The features are still being tested in beta apps, but more and more users are able to enjoy them. No word yet on when the features will officially be part of the app, but it can be expected that Microsoft will refine the app and add more convenient features this coming year.

Two-factor authentication and password management are two very important features when it comes to security and productivity in businesses. Although passwords have been the primary protective feature for every software, accounts, apps, and more, it has been susceptible to cyber attacks and other security problems. It is also quite difficult to keep track once you have many accounts and software to handle on the job. Which is why password managers such as LastPass are useful tools to have in the office.

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