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Microsoft is Edging out One of Its Oldest Feature

Microsoft is Edging out One of Its Oldest Feature
Demi B | 11-02-21
After six long years, Microsoft is calling it quits with the web browser that replaced Internet Explorer back in 2015, Microsoft Edge Legacy.
There will be a security update scheduled on April 13, 2021 that will automatically replace Edge Legacy with the new and improved Edge Chromium.

Microsoft had already started winding down support for Edge Legacy late last year. The new version is Microsoft’s attempt to compete with popular web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. In the past, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was once the superior browser, beating Netscape Navigator and others in the market. However, it was quickly overtaken by other browsers. This is why the Edge Chromium is packed with features such as improved web search, seamless usability, and other upgrades.

Internet Explorer, however, is here to stay. The classic web browser will support intranets and other legacy apps that cannot function without it. Some of which are customer investment apps that are still working.

Having a fast and reliable web browser is crucial to businesses. A lot of software and information is being accessed through web browsers every single day. It makes it easy to collaborate and make critical decisions. Software such as SharePoint makes it easy for a user to open, edit, save, and share files on web browsers with just a few clicks.

However, a good web browser is of no use if you do not have a fast and stable internet connection. NBN has a wide variety of internet solutions that can be customised to the needs of your business and even your home. NBN offers high speed, performance, and reliability. There is even an upgrade option to business NBN Enterprise Ethernet.

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