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Microsoft Teams Meeting is about to get Reactive!

Microsoft Teams Meeting is about to get Reactive!
Demi B | 14-01-21
Have you ever been in awe at something you heard a speaker say during a Microsoft Teams meeting, but could not do anything because you did not want to interrupt? Perhaps you heard a hilarious joke, but can not express it during a meeting.
Good news! Microsoft Teams is rolling out “reactions” some time in late January to mid February. For those who are not familiar, the best way to describe it is that it is similar to Facebook’s feature that when you click a reaction at the bottom of the screen during a live feed, the reaction flies to the middle of the screen for the person who is doing the live to see.


The raised hand will also be included in the list of reactions you can choose from, as well as hearts, laugh, and applause. These reactions can actually be set by default whether or not the meeting organizer wants attendees to use it.

The feature may not be that revolutionary, but it does help make meetings feel more interactive. Because of the pandemic, a lot of meetings and activities have been moved to an online setting. Microsoft has provided the necessary tools and software needed to accommodate the new work set up. This includes apps like SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

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