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Microsoft Teams Beefs Up Features for On The Road Calls

Microsoft Teams Beefs Up Features for On The Road Calls
Demi B | 12-01-21
Answering calls while driving is probably one of the most difficult, not to mention illegal in some places, multitasks there is. To address this issue, Microsoft has developed some upgrades to Teams calls.

Microsoft is introducing CarPlay support for their popular audio and video conference app. This will make it a lot easier for users to use Microsoft Teams on the road with the help of Siri. It has not been declared if it will have the same function with Android Auto or Alexa-enabled cars. Other upgrades will include a new and improved interface where you can view contacts, voicemail, and call history on one screen. They have also added spam call detectors and the option to merge calls.

Teams has also been integrated to OneDrive and SharePoint. Default location storage can be set to the mentioned cloud sharing software for easier share of recordings and transcripts. This year, it is said that Microsoft Teams will also have an option to transfer calls between your phone and computer, as well as a low data mode for when wifi is not available.

The new features for Microsoft Teams will be useful tools especially for businesses. Those who are always on the road for client or field visits will be able to make and answer important calls with no hassle. Microsoft has always provided software that helps increase productivity in the workplace. Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for instance, are some of the most efficient tools widely used by different companies across many industries in the world.

Microsoft 365 offers different plans depending on your business needs. The shared services include SharePoint Online and Teams, which are useful tools for collaboration.

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