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Microsoft Imposes Limit for Email Protection

Microsoft Imposes Limit for Email Protection
Demi B | 25-02-21
According to Statista in 2019, 107 billion spam emails are sent in a day. A significant amount of those spam emails are cyber threats just waiting for someone to make a mistake.
In an effort to fortify the health of their system, Microsoft is imposing a 3600 messages per hour limit across all mailboxes. You now need to pay attention and not let your mailbox overflow, or else you will not be able to receive emails. If the receiving messages goes over the limit, Microsoft will throttle messages to the account.

This limit was already in place as a soft cap, but now it will become a hard limit. Microsoft claims that only a small number of accounts will be actually affected by this enforced new limit. However, they have put an alert called “Mailbox exceeding receiving limits” insight and report in the Exchange Admin Center that will notify the user if one or more accounts are about to hit the limit.

Microsoft will start strictly imposing the 3600 limit in April. This is a step necessary to ensure the health and protection of Microsoft’s Mailing system.

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