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Is your UPS smart enough to protect your server?

Is your UPS smart enough to protect your server?
Cassandra Ball | 20-06-18

While you may think that you’re doing everything to protect your business from threats of all kinds, it’s possible that you have overlooked the stoic UPS. The trusty UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is essentially a big battery connected to your server. It is there to protect your hardware and data should you lose power. Most stock standard UPS’s that you can buy for your home will be enough to keep a computer running in a power outage, but that is all they do. 

It’s essential that all hardware that holds business data is connected to a UPS. If your server or machine loses power and does not shut down properly, there is a high chance that the data could become corrupted. When this happens your only option is to restore the data from your trusty backups that you definitely have and are up to date (Don’t make me start this lecture again).


The Smart UPS is your business's best friend, the support that your equipment deserves. The Smart UPS will detect that you have lost power and automatically start to shut down your servers safely. It’s fittingly called a ‘Graceful Shutdown’. The Smart UPS has enough juice in it to process everything it needs to before shutting your systems down. It also sends an alert to your tech support team, notifying them of the power loss. Once power is restored, we can access the Smart UPS remotely to start your server up again. 


Universally, the batteries in a UPS will last 2 years before needing to be replaced. Through routine maintenance, we check that your UPS is working as it should, and not faulty in any way. The last thing you want to have is a power outage thinking that your swanky UPS will protect everything, only to find out that the batteries died a year ago. If maintained and shown some love, a UPS will return the favour tenfold.


If you don’t have a UPS protecting your server, please, please give us a call. This is nightmare fuel for us nerds.
If you have doubts about your current UPS or would like to upgrade to a Smart UPS, you can contact any one of our team to discuss your options.

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