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Is my business due for a server upgrade?

Is my business due for a server upgrade?
Fabio Suffell | 27-04-17
If you are a business owner with a company that has over 5 employees, it would be strongly worthwhile to consider using a server network. If you are a business that already runs on a server network, then it is important to monitor your server performance and know when it is time for an upgrade. 

Upgrading your server infrastructure on a regular schedule improves the relative performance, consolidation, management efficiency and overall reliability of your business network. Ultimately, the costs associated with upgrading can potentially save your company a lot more down the track in IT support costs. 

In order to determine if your business is due for a server upgrade, it is important to consider the following five things. 

1.    Your server performance declines over time as costs increase

According to Dell technology analysts, on average, server performance decreases by 14% every year. After 5 years, the server typically only performs at 40% of its original performance. Lower performance and increased failure rates increase unplanned downtime by up to 20% annually. At the same time, higher maintenance costs require additional investment in ageing systems.

2.    Modern features enhance asset management

As your businesses grows, it is increasingly important to stay up to date and utilize modern management tools to allow for an improved workload tracking and server performance analysis. Upgrading your servers to have the latest firmware and updates is necessary to keep your network secure and compliant with the necessary specifications to perform optimally.  

3.    Optimize system performance

Upgraded and modern servers improve the capability for better virtual or physical machine density and possibility for Data expansion. This allows high-end business applications to run in a scalable environment. Modern servers can also reduce energy and cooling costs, maintenance time and IT Support Costs.

4.    Predictive diagnostics improve reliability

Using servers well past their optimal life span significantly increases the potential for unplanned downtime due to ageing mechanical and software components. Newer systems come with predictive capabilities that warn of incompatibility issues or imminent failures. By having these features, it will provide a better indication of whether your current server systems need maintenance or an upgrade and can potentially save you a lot of costs down the road. 

5.    Soon-to-expire service warranties

Based on the typical server life cycle, service contracts typically expire after three to five years. More frequent failures result in higher labour costs, and replacement parts are expensive and hard to find. Monitoring your server life is an indication of whether it is time for maintenance upgrades or alternatively consider buying a new server altogether if it is the more economical options.  

If you have any questions regarding your server's performance or are looking to upgrade your business server, please contact the experienced team at Qbit Computers to see how Qbit can help you.

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