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Is an NBN connection right for your Business

Is an NBN connection right for your Business?

Is an NBN connection right for your Business?
Michael Gosney | 13-10-17

As a business owner, fast and reliable internet is a must. With so many ways to be connected, it’s important to have a good understanding of what copper and fibre services are, how they work, and what impact they can have.

What’s the connection?

Acronyms such as ‘FTTP’ and ‘FTTN’ tells us how much of the network connection is made up of fibre cable and at which point it may switch to copper. 

FTTP means ‘Fibre To The Premises’ - This uses fibre optic cable to complete the entire link and delivers the full benefits.

FTTN means ‘Fibre To The Node’ - Fibre is delivered to a central area, such as a suburban estate or commercial area. From there the connection becomes copper wire connecting the node to individual sites.

While copper cables send data as electrical signals, fibre optic cables send it as light signals. These pulses travel at incredible speeds through thin, hollow strands to their destination. Fibre offers key advantages - speed, capacity and signal integrity.

The existence of different connection types now available is closely linked to the evolution of the National Broadband Network (NBN). When it comes to fibre through the NBN though, users have no real decision-making power in terms of getting an FTTP or FTTN connection; that depends on the infrastructure in place in your area.

The NBN will be the most affordable and effective solution for small business

Just because your organisation can’t choose which type of fibre connection you get through the NBN, you will still experience superior network performance compared to the old, fully copper infrastructure. In fact, for many smaller businesses with 20 or less users, an FTTN connection will be more than sufficient to meet the internet needs of their office locations and retail sites. Compared to other fibre options, the NBN will be a more affordable solution.

However, consumer-grade NBN services are not suitable for running business critical applications, voice or video with a larger workforce. Consumer-grade NBN is an asymmetric service with higher download speeds and much lower upload speeds. It is also a shared or ‘contended’ service currently without Service Level Agreements (SLA).

When scalability and reliability are crucial, there are many business-grade fibre-based products available that deliver the ultimate experience in data transfer. Business-grade fibre provides consistent and reliable symmetrical connectivity with high-capacity and high-speeds from 4Mbps to 1Gbps to power your business-critical applications. Contention ratios are guaranteed with business-grade SLAs. Of course, these type of plans are more expensive.

Qbit Can Help

Qbit has NBN plans for business starting from just $75 per month. Plans include fixed IP address, speeds from 50/20 Mbps up to 100/40 Mbs and generous data allowances. You can include a Qbit NBN plan on your one monthly invoice.

Business-grade fully fibre-based plans are also available.  

Contact your Qbit Account Manager today to see if your business location is ready to make a smooth, hassle-free transition to NBN for your business with Qbit. 


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