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TeleTrac Navman Fleet Management Solutions

IT Solutions for Successful Fleet Management

IT Solutions for Successful Fleet Management
Michael Gosney | 31-10-17

Qbit, in partnership with TeleTrac Navman, are able to provide you with the leading Fleet Management Solutions that can enhance your business productivity, improve driver safety and reduce costs.

The TeleTrac Navman GPS Fleet Management Solution provides companies of all industries and sizes with cost-effective, real-time access to fleet and asset information.

Monitor your vehicles

Utilise reports to monitor vehicle usage and driver behaviour
Track your fleet routes, idle time, & fuel usage

When you manage a fleet it’s common knowledge that you’ll spend a substantial amount of money on fuel. What you might not know is that you could be spending more on fuel tax than you need to. Find out more.

Improve customer service

Identify where your vehicles are in seconds and provide more accurate ETAs
Use reporting to generate accurate to the minute timesheets and invoicing

Keep your drivers safe

Gain visibility into vehicle utilisation and manage driver behaviour to mitigate risk
Identify vehicle location in and out of network coverage

If you’re operating a fleet of any size, it’s clear that safety should be your number one concern, but it shouldn’t stop at management. Everyone in the business needs to be equally invested in reducing dangerous behaviour – from back-office staff and despatchers to warehouse staff and drivers. Here’s Four Steps To Help You Get Started In Creating A Safety-First Company

Case Study: How Gunida Gunyah Drivers Stay Safe In Harsh Conditions



“For an organisation like ours that travels throughout rural communities across the state, a vehicle is very much a workplace. Not only do we need to pinpoint the location of drivers, particularly when out of range, we need to monitor adherence to safety regulations, addressing behaviour where necessary,” Daniel Irwin Housing Services Manager, Gunida Gunyah, says. Download Case Study

If you'd like to hear more about how your business could benefit from the TeleTrac Navman GPS Fleet Management solution, please contact, or 08 6364 0600 for a no obligation demonstration.

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