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How intelligent Document Management Software will revolutionise your office

How intelligent Document Management Software will revolutionise your office
Peter Ellyard - Ellyard Enterprises | 10-09-18

If you are not already working from a paper-less office, here are some of the compelling reasons to consider this technology for your organisation.

As an overview, there are 3 main parts to consider

The first part is capture and storage of your documentation.

The purpose of a document management software solution is to centralise all your information into one place. Sounds easy, but when you are dealing with multiple staff with multiple opinions on where it should be saved and how it should be named, it gets messy. Then there is the complexity of having some information in Outlook, some in Explorer, some in filing cabinets and some saved on local desktops! With a database driven document management system, the capture side of the process is easy and everything ends up in one (backed up) location (on your server, on the cloud or on a virtual server)


The second part is retrieval and this is where you will see major productivity gains.

When you think about it, when working in an office, we each look for 100-200 pieces of information per day. Often it is small pieces of information like an email; a phone number; the status of a job; etc. But each takes time and costs you money. What if you could now find exactly what you need in seconds instead of minutes? With a meta-driven document management database, you can now find what you need in seconds instead of minutes. M-Files is based on the premise that wouldn’t it be nice to find what you need by searching for what it is you know about the item in question, instead of having to know where it is saved and how it is named

Instant retrieval typically increases productivity by 1 hour, per person, per day!


This is where most document management system features end and where M-Files excels

In the 3rd part of a world-leading document management solution is where it all comes together.

What if you could put meta-data links not only for documents (so you can find them any way you can think of) but put meta-data around all of your associated knowledge. When I say knowledge I mean objects like clients, prospects, employees, jobs, projects etc. M-Files gives you a one-stop-shop for all of your information and knowledge.

You will now have all in one place, your clients’ details, job status, all contact information, etc. When you need to call a client with an update on their project, you will search for them (by name, project, customer number or another way you remember them) and right next to the document you need is all their contact information

It really is something you need to see in action and we have a series of demonstration video’s here 

m-files structure

Here is a list of features in bullet points:

  • Finding documents is extremely flexible and fast - searches can include the document contents in addition to properties or metadata. 
  • Scanned documents can also be retrieved by document contents (as long as the documents are scanned in the common searchable PDF format) in addition to properties or metadata.
  • No more wasted time filing, finding and then refiling
  • Paper documents can be automatically imported to M-Files from a desktop or network scanner (as part of an MFD).
  • M-Files integrates seamlessly with your familiar Windows environment and all Windows applications, providing an interface common to everyone and ensuring the entire organisation consistently adopts the system.  Ease of use is a critical element of a successful implementation. 
  • Includes CRM functionality to manage clients/jobs/projects.
  • No more lost or misplaced documents.
  • Get your office floor space back.
  • No more off-site archiving.
  • Greatly reduce printing, photocopying, stationery and postage costs.
  • Happier clients and happier less-stressed staff.
  • Greater document security and redundancy.
  • Increase productivity dramatically.
  • M-Files optionally includes a web-based interface, enabling remote access from any platform including Macintosh and Apps on all platforms for mobile devices. 
  • Version history is automatically stored so that old versions of a document are always accessible if required.
  • M-Files easy “Check in” and “Check out” functions eliminate the risk of lost work caused when changes are over-written if files are accessed and edited by multiple individuals. 
  • Managing document access and modification permissions is easy and flexible. 
  • M-Files unique “Virtual-Local” drive is extremely fast and reliable, enabling fast “local” performance and “offline” use with automatic intelligent synchronisation when travelling or when the server becomes unavailable due to a network outage or at times of high server loads.
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