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How has Remote Work Affected Employees

How has Remote Work Affected Employees
Demi B | 19-03-21
It has been more or less a year when countries all over the world were forced to close their offices and adopt a remote work set-up for their employees. Since then, information technology has come up with developments that allows employees to be more flexible with the location of their working area.
It was not easy to suddenly transition into a new working environment in the middle of the year in 2020, but it was necessary. A software company from the US, Nintex, conducted a study on their employees with 1,000 respondents, to find out how they were coping with the new working landscape.

More than two-thirds responded positively to the remote set up. However, getting better equipment for their home office poses as a problem for better productivity. Others suggest having better software to help automate daily work tasks would also be beneficial.

It was found in the study that the same issues were referenced by employees from the same age group. For instance, Gen Z employees looked at better software to improve their efficiency, whilst Millennials preferred better hardware.

There are pros to working from home or remote work with the flexibility for location, saving time from commute, and being comfortable in your workplace. However, there are also downsides such as the lack of access to facilities and services that some offices provide, and social interaction with co-workers.

The best companies can do is provide the most efficient remote work setup they can for their employees. Qbit Computers is an IT company that offers business IT solutions specifically for remote work set-up such as cloud computing and cyber security. We also offer products, such as Microsoft 365 Plans, that can make collaboration easier during this new setup.

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