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How did they get my password?

How did they get my password?
Fabio Suffell | 14-09-20

It’s Monday morning and I have sat down at my PC and started going through my emails and checking voice mails on my office phone system when I come across this email.  The English is excellent and the only give away to it being a scam is the email address. 

If you click on the link it will lead you to a webpage where you are asked to log in to get your lost emails. 


If you log in here, you have just given away the keys to the kingdom. They now have access to your emails and maybe even a terminal server and your whole network. That’s how they got your password and no Firewall or Anti-Virus will save your company from a Data breach that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Are you confident that none of the staff in your organisation will fall for this?  Will they fall for it when they have been waiting for that important email that has not come through? Will they fall for it when they are in a rush to get into a meeting.  

Having strong passwords is no longer enough. Everyone needs to have two factor authentication, and not just to their emails but to their computer login as well. 

Qbit is a Perth IT Company that works hard to ensure our customers data is safe. We start by making sure that our internal systems are safe by using WatchGuard AuthPoint. 

When any of Qbit’s staff log into one of Qbit’s computers they must then authorise the log in on their mobile phone or token. 

When I log into my laptop I get this screen 

The above gives me 4 ways to authenticate, most days I click the Send Push button and then authorise it on my mobile phone. 

The other ways to log in include, using a token with a code for staff who do not have a smart phone. Scan QR code if you do not have an internet connection or ring Qbit for a one-time password if your phone is not available.  

Qbit is a Perth IT Company that provides service to hundreds of companies around Perth. No matter what your industry, we have the knowledge to keep your systems safe. 

Call us to organise a free security audit.  

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