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Home internet security

Home internet security
S.Hodnett | 28-04-16

In the current digital era where everything is done online, our internet security is only as strong as the weakest protection we have in place. 

Does anyone consider the free home router or firewall that's supplied with each new internet connection? The old adages “You never get anything for free” and “You get what you pay for” come to mind.

If companies are regularly paying $800-$1000 for an internet firewall to protect their investment in IT equipment, staff online security and protection of data, shouldn’t we do the same for our homes? Most school age children have to utilise the internet each day for one set of homework or another; from 5 year olds accessing Reading Eggs and Mathletics, to older teenagers researching assignments.

Cyberoam offers additional security when connected to your home internet, by providing mechanisms to restrict access to particular internet content. This is especially important when children have use of the internet on varied devices and in different rooms. It is no longer a case where there was a single desktop in the home. More often than not, each family member has multiple connected devices. As well as normal content filtering, the Cyberoam devices are preconfigured to scan incoming emails to check their integrity, stopping suspicious emails before they even get to your machine.

Additional features such as restricting usage times, turning off internet connectivity to specific devices after 9pm, or even restrict access to social media during 3pm – 7pm, but allow other internet access for doing homework.

The ability to shape or restrict content speeds for certain applications or websites is another big advantage, the example of some family members sitting down to watch online movies experiencing buffering or slow loads can be common place if someone else is downloading files on a different device. Priorities can be set on the router to provide higher and lower traffic priorities.

To find out how Cyberoam can provide your family safety in this modern age, call Qbit and speak to our Sales team on (08) 6364 0600.

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