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Growing your office system as your business grows

Growing your office system as your business grows
Fabio Suffell | 14-03-17

Are your I.T. systems ready for business growth?

It is not news that a new business will take a while to grow. At the very least most people recognise it will be at least a year until you see some core results. The initial stage of your business's’ growth can feel like a long and slow grind, but then just like a plane taking off things can begin to move very fast.

This growth is good for essentially all aspects of the business, and reward for all your hard work - but does pose new challenges for data storage and maintenance in turn. Let's look at this issue in-depth now, and how you can build an office system that can scale and grow as your business does.

Think about how your business could scale. 

When you are first starting out your business you may well find it is easy to keep track of records. A cheeky word doc here, a couple of files in excel there, and a simple email account may be all you need to man the flight deck of your business early on. How things change.
Yet, when your business takes off you'll find the simple setup no longer works. What's more it is fast becoming near impossible to manage your business efficiently, and this is hugely dangerous for the potential of your business to sustain and grow in the future.
While every business will encounter surprises along the way, it is important to assess at the start the prospects for your business to scale - and scale rapidly. Alongside this being a fun exercise (you can start planning how many Ferraris you want to buy when your business booms), it also is an important one for ensuring you can take advantage of opportunities ahead.

Make a plan (and then put that plan into action) 

Ensuring your business has the capacity to scale requires more than a simple plan on paper. In the day and age of an online economy, you need to ensure your plan doesn't just work in theory, but would do so in practice. That's why setting up a good system in the start is so very important.
While the exact requirements of your businesses’ ability to scale will vary due to a variety of factors, at its core a setup of good software underpinned by good hardware - and featuring efficient operation of your server, internet, and other amenities - is vital. So too is considering a number of questions along the way.

The devil is in the details 

What would my business look like if I had to add 100 more clients to my book? How about 1000? How soon could I scale up my business? How would I do this step by step? What staff do I have now that could help with me this task? What staff might I need to add?
Ensuring your business is scalable doesn't mean you need to have absolutely every possible contingency worked out along the way (trying to prepare in such a way would not be an efficient use of your time), but it does mean having the certainty your team could hit the ground running if a new wave of business or a particular project arose as an opportunity.

Think about getting a professional to setup and manager for you if needed 

Once you have a plan in place, the next step is considering how to implement it. Our team at Qbit is always at the ready to get to work when it comes to helping you to scale your tech capability.
We can do so by helping you implement a plan you already have in place and ready to go today, but also serve to give you expert insight on any future plans you have to scale, even if your business is not quite ready for the next level yet.
Throughout all we do, we’ve a passion for building our client’s businesses each day, with quality service, exceptional experience, and contemporary solutions to all your IT and computer needs.
So, if you’ve the ambition to scale your business now or into the future, get in touch with us today. We’re always at the ready to help a great business grow bigger.

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