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Google amps up Security with Two Factor Authentication default

Google amps up Security with Two Factor Authentication default
Demi B | 08-06-21
Rising to the front lines of security features, two- factor authentication is becoming increasingly popular among different apps and websites as a form of added security to combat evolving cyber threats. As one of the biggest entities on the internet, Google has always known this was the case.
Google has made two factor authentication available for their products since 2011. This feature has been improved throughout the years. Text and email notifications were expanded to allow the use of Bluetooth keys and, more recently, the use of the Google Prompt.

Google has recently announced that they will make the two-factor authentication the default set-up and enroll all users, provided that their accounts are configured appropriately.
A two-factor authentication security feature is a good addition to combat cyber attacks, especially ones that are specifically targeted to passwords. Google has their own Authenticator app that generates unique codes that constantly changes for logging in websites, applications, and software that requires you to log in to gain access.

A two factor authentication usually involves having your mobile at hand to approve the access. This ensures that the user is really the one granting the access since the feature is usually attached to your mobile number or a previously set up password manager on your device.

It is also advised to have a password manager if you have several accounts that you have to access, especially for work. Not only will it serve as a layer of protection for your data, but also saves you the trouble of having to remember so many log in credentials.

Lastpass is a password vault that can also create unique passwords for you. It avoids repeating passwords across different programs and stops you from having to reset your password every time you forget it.

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